About Us


Where It All Started...

Our story and journey began in 1995 in the beautiful City of Naples, Italy.  Michael and Paula, serving in the Navy, were stationed at the NATO Headquarters Allied Forces Southern Europe.  They developed a passionate love for the culture and cuisine of Italy that the entire family now enjoys sharing at Pizzeria Bella Vista by Signorelli – in our restaurant you are not just a patron, you part of the on-going story, part of our family, and part of the memories being made every single day.


We have a very simple and straightforward philosophy -- use fresh and quality ingredients, prepare food simply and properly, and serve it with both pride, joy, and integrity.  Our dough is alive and full of flavor – we use several blends of Caputo Flour from Naples Italy and our recipe changes every single day based on temperature and humidity – we put an incredible amount of time and effort into our Dough and try to make it better and better every single day.  For us, the dough is not a simple vehicle to deliver great toppings – it is the foundation of real Pizza and it must be equally as good as the toppings, it must be healthy, and easily digestible.  All of our ingredients are connected to our belief in the real food movement. 


Pizzeria Bella Vista is 100% faithful to the Vera Pizza Napoletana Association that governs and protects the integrity of the Neapolitan Pizza Craft.  We guarantee Standard and Tradition (STG) – same ingredients, same tools, same oven, same process, and same techniques that create the STG Standard and Tradition that exists in Naples.  We are honored and excited to be a part of this incredible community in the 757 of Virginia and we are grateful to have been a part of many life celebrations, first dates, weddings, engagements, birthdays, communion and baptism parties, and anniversaries – all of which highlight how lives, community, food, and memories  come together.    We look forward with  GREAT Anticipation to serve you in our Restaurant when the COVID-19 issue passes.